Custom Designed IOT Antenna


What good is a Standard product if you integrate it into your application and it doesn’t work. RF and Antenna are not a “black art” as some would suggest. They’re a large number of relatively simple rules of physics which, when put together, can trip up even the most experienced RF designer.

7RF provide a range of support services from first engagement to enable customers to architect their products effectively and ensure maximum chances of success. Often, the standard part will need optimisation through, matching, tuning or customisation to work effectively in your design.

7RF can and does provide all these services backed up by characterisation reports to give you confidence in your products performance.

Send us your requirements or simply ask for a call back to discuss and we’ll get you started.

Internal range

Frequency bands, mounting type, enclosure material and size, PCB size, antenna location in enclosure

External range

Frequency bands, mounting type, cable length, connector type, size constraints